Saturday, February 28, 2009

eat to live or live to eat?
for me,
I live to eat!

to be honest,
I eat a lot. and when I say a lot, I really mean it.
this also explain my body size. lol wtf

last month,
had makan date with my PonPon at Sushi Zanmai. (:

my PonPon! ♥♥♥

at night pula,
had another makan date with another two darlyns of mine.

JamieLiewSookMei and Julien Lim Zhen-Wei. (:

had steamboat dinner at Sri Petaling

cute kan? :D

as usual,
we chik chik chak chak for almost an hour before head back to our crib.
who doesn't likes photo sessions, kan? :P

both of them tak layan saya. ish!

tak layan! ish ish!

okay, for your information, that's how I laugh. I know, wtf right? how can a girl be so rude?
ish, like I care~

bla bla bla.


kawan baik kawan baik! (:

last but not least,

Leong Zee Yin!

I love all of them damn much okay?
don't ever try to snatch them away from me!
heheheh! :P

have to berkawan with Sejarah and Moral already!
tata! (:


vialentino said... to eat....good one.

wei, u makan a lot pun tak gemuk also ler.....wats the secret behind it....enjoy ur study...

Karena said...

haha! yama. live to eat! :P

btw, im quite fat la. just that u nvr meet me b4. tats y. (:

Jamie said...

CHEOW WEI WEI! that tak layan pic I look damn ugly! was making my hair with that blur face omg remove!!