Monday, February 23, 2009

had lunch with my kawan baiks months ago.
another outdated post.

this time I date Jamie Liew because I miss that woman!
supposed to go China with her but I couldn't make it. ):

candid candid
I post this because I look so fair. lol wtf

aww so sweet!
but they're not couple la of course.
because Jamie Liew loves Daniel Henney! and oh, Karena Cheow loves Edison Chen! and also the three guys in my previous post. lol

the boys left us for dota and Miss Jamie Liew and I did lots of first time together.
don't think dirty.
we bought the same dress in the same colour.
we bought a guy boxer together just for fun.
we broke a very nice christmas ball and paid for it.
we cam-whored kneeling down on the floor in the middle of the walkway.

my darlyn. (:

oh, believe or not? we took off our clothes and cam-whored topless.
wtf wtf wtf.

kidding larh okay? we just look naked in this pic.

we saw this oh-so-nice christmas ball and put it on her ear and take a picture.
when she's trying to take it off, it slip out of her fingers and it fell down.
everyone looked at us and yeah, we paid for it.
thanks God it has 50% discount.

wtf right? lol

I've this new idea to cam-whore.

kneeling down on the floor and chik chak with the camera which hang on her.

yes, I'm desperate. lol wtf.

it's Jamie's turn! (:

people, say hi to my hou ji mui, Benjamin Looi Chien Mun. (:

I want the disco-ball bra like the one Lady Gaga wore in Just Dance video.
I've been watching the video for more than hundred times and I want the bra so so so much.

Lady Gaga said she made it herself and I think I'm actually going to find the disco mirrors and an strapless bra and I'm sure I can make it by my own.
and then,
my boobs will look like disco balls.
LOL WTF! hahahaha!

Lady Gaga as a brunette.
yes! that's the disco-ball bra! :D


wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Makan kat mana? Looks good the food there!

Hon Mun said...

hey! the Christmas ball.. my friend broke it too lah! I guess its a trap la.. cilaka them..

Karena said...

hmm? kat uncle duck, times square. :D u bila mau bring me eat char siew? lol

[hon mun]
trap? wat trap oh? but my fren memang drop it weh. luckily its only 8 bucks. lol. but doesnt worth it la. haha