Saturday, February 7, 2009

I hope it's not too late to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year. (:

went back to KL on the 24th of January for a week.
I'm glad that I can meet most of my darlyns during that seven days.


one day before Chinese New Year eve, which is
二十, had yum cha session with SandraNanny, AndrewWongFeiHung, WaiSengMickey, JosephKiwi and CheeWeiFortuneTeller at Asia Cafe.
for the first time, I have curfew.
wtf wtf wtf

on Chinese New Year Eve [ 除夕夜 ] , of course I had reunion dinner [年夜饭] with my family members. But this time I had mine with father's side family. (:

This is Jaden Cheow. (:

on the first day of Chinese New Year [大年初一] , had lion dances [舞狮] in the house.
it's one of the Chinese tradition. (:

had dinner with JosephKiwi after that at Delicious, 1U.
as usual, the same thing.

the Vanilla ice-cream looks like shit right? lol wtf.

this is my beh song [不爽] face.

by the way, I removed my braces already!
this 5k investment is absolutely worth it. (:

yay Monday no school! :D


vincent2903 said...

camwhore goddess, dun beh song...

u remove braclet already i muz congratulate u...

shon chong said...

hey.. miss you damn alot la.. your "missing in action" too long edi la..

more leng lui edi wooo

Karena said...

udang biru! y la called me camho goddess? haha.

[shon chong]
where got MIA woh. busy ma. haha. (:

Alice Teh said...

Happy Chinese New Year, adik Karena! :D

Awan Lahon said...

wow...happy Chinese new year,karena cheow...dah lama lepaskan...xpa asal ucapkan..:)

Karena said...

[alice teh]
kak alice i miss u! ): ): ):

[awan lahon]
haha terima kasih ya! (: