Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm going to sit for Economy paper on my birthday, which is on 7th of December.
wtf I thought SPM will end before my birthday. ):
and and and,
Biology clash with Science!
same day and same time.
how can?!

oh by the way,
guess what?
I found out that my standard one classmate is in the same school as me!
how coincidence! (:

this also proved that Sabah is very very very small. lol

after 9 years, we're still friends! (:

thank God because there's Starbucks in Sabah! lmao

ultraman boxer as birthday gift for classmate

moral class is so.............

*fill in the blank*


## + Ken + ## said...

fuiyo kari went to centre point ! hahahaha,,,

vialentino said...

i heard spm timetable got some clashes come bio clash with sains one?

Karena said...

hahah faster come back! we go 1 borneo together jom!

yawoh. i dunno. hope gov will change the timetable la. ):