Saturday, February 21, 2009

so yeah,
I spent my Saturday night watching Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Award [华丽台电视剧大奖].
was checking out 3 of my boyfriends!
I don't know why but I'm so in love with the three of them.
which three?

they're Bosco Wong [黄宗泽], Ron Ng [吴卓羲], Raymond LamFung [林峰]!

well, three of them have something in common.
thick eyebrows and tanned skin tone.
damn attractive can? :D

Bosco has sexy eye bags!

Ron has sexy eyes!

Raymond has attractive eyes!

okay, I've no sexy eyes or anything.
so let's talk about KitKat.

few months back mommykin came back from Tokyo with truckloads of Disney stuffs for me but I didn't blog about it because it's kinda childish. lol wtf

this time, mommykin came back from Hokkaido with Burberry bags and KITKAT!
so yeah, the main point is KITKAT!

Karena Cheow Wei Wei loves Kit Kat. (:

so banyak flavours can? :D

they even have potato and corn flavour!

I love red bean flavour the MOST! (:

aiya, let me show off a bit la okay?
I'm so pity in Sabah okay?
My eyes got infected last month and this month I get sunburn and my skin still peeling off.
wtf wtf wtf.

I have so much to complain about Sabah.
guess I should write a post bout it, soon.

exam is coming! ): ): ):


Jeffro said...

Hey Karena, try doing ur pose like Ron.. *winks* hahaha.. sure nice 99 XD

yienyien said...

i super like lam fung oso! hehe

Karena said...

wah pose like ron ah? so yeng meh? LOL!

weee! hi5 hi5! :D

EVo said...

I gay looking at their 3 pics...Karenannanana look what you've done.. :P

Karena said...

y do u feel gay la? hahah. well i like to look at leng lui oso woh. but im not lesbian ma. haiyo. :P

Jeffro said...

hahaha.. Yeng ler.. =D
I bet u do that, u'll get that many fans like him xD

maRCus said...

#1. wah.. thts the super most alot versions of kit kat tht ive seen in any ONE pic!! haha

#2. how come ur bfs all in HK wan?

#3. eh, i thot AI was ur bf? LMAO


Lynn said...

omg so man!

btw kit kat got red bean flavour one mehh!

Karena said...

i scare hor, tat time hor, no guys wan me weh. LOL

hahahah so random la u. my bfs ah? dunno la. they have to earn money in hk 1st ma. if not how to married with me. ngek ngek! :P

haha got woh. bought at japan 1. malaysia apa flavour pun tak de. booooo! lol

Kenji™ said...