Sunday, March 29, 2009

hey people, Karena Cheow Wei Wei still alive laaaa.
hahaha! (:

just that I'm kinda busy with my SPM registration and busy with my exam.
you see,
I've test or exam every single month!

just got back my results not long ago and another exam is around the corner.
wtfish is this? >.<

and sometime I'm so blur that I accidentally cut off my hair while cutting off some articles from newspaper.

arghh! my hair! ):

and and and of course,
I can't live without food so yeah,

study oh study~


Lynn said...

waa you take how many subjs?
Like damn banyak one.

EVo said...

when we gona have seafood together gether lah?

Small Eyes said...

remember me? haha

nice to see you are still alive , very lack of updates since u went to Sabah, got char siew? hehe

vincent2903 said...

u put the article on your head and cut? lol

Jeffro said...

banyaknyer A.. *blink blink*

Karena said...

darlyn! hahah. erm 12? =/

y tiba2 seafood? ish mm song u la. tak reply smsku! ishhh! ):

[small eyes]
hey! haha the char siew over here not nice. really. i miss everything in kl weh! da bao char siew n post it to sabah pls? lol

im speechless. i dunno wat to say. -________-

ayah, mana ada A. ayah silap tengok la. lol