Monday, March 2, 2009

I don't know why but I think my boobs are sagging.
I know, wtf right?
this morning, when I was singing national anthem during school assembly, I realize that I have sagging boobs.

by the way, forget bout the sagging boobs.
I wanna announce to the world that Karena Cheow Wei Wei can sew.

I sew it by my own and it took me almost 20 minutes!

I was supposed to sew my lencana sarjan since last year but gosh you know I'm lazy right? so yeah, few days ago, I finally made the decision to sew it without asking any help from my maid.

I'm still proud of myself although the back of the badge looks freaking ugly.

before I end my post,
let me post two vain pic of myself 1st!

I just can't end my post without posting photo of myself.
how vain is that! :P

I have 3 papers for tomorrow.
wish me luck, people! (:


Jeffro said...


Karena said...

wat? not funny okay? i was so worried. hmmp

vialentino said...

wah....3 stripes....sergeant rank is it?

good luck to u in ur papers!

FireWire said...

congrats on the sergeant rank and doing your own sewing. 1st sewing? i dont even know how to sew or maybe my sewing can be much more uglier than that LOL

Asha said...

ok the boobies part got me laugh hehe lol .. and good luck with ya exam ok .. study smart and im sure u will be alrigt :)

Karena said...

haha ya woh. btw 3 more papers to go! weee! :D

haha thanks api. btw, im a girl and u'r a guy. diffren k? i gotta learn how to sew edi. if not no one wants me. lol

thanks hun! (:

Jeffro said...

eh chill la weih..
so young, where got sagging boobs wan?? don't think so much la..