Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I feel so lost and depress. I tak suka this place. really.

  1. I've been staying here for 2 months+ but I still miss EVERY single thing in KL.
  2. I know this may sounds weird, but I miss my mom. She's such a darling these few weeks. I receive at least one package from her every week. Eye lubricants, lotions, vitamins, dvds, masks and etc.
  3. This is my first time staying with my father and I feel weird. We have some communication problems. FYI, I used to stay with my stepdad and mom in kl but now, I'm staying with my father and that lady. oh and her daughter, too.
  4. The sun here is sooooooooooo hot. really. 10000 times worst than KL.
  5. People here speaks weird Malay and my teacher teased my KL accent. wtf
  6. Most of the people here speaks Mandarin and Hakka. I can speak Mandarin but Hakka? gosh! zoh matt gai? that's all I know.
  7. I have communication problems with my maid, too. She is from Philippines and she couldn't understands my English.
  8. I have to reach school before 7am because class starts at 7am. wtf, right?
  9. I dislike that lady. She's so mean to me!
  10. Her daughter is kinda annoying, too.
  11. I feel so lifeless over here as I've nothing to do except study, eat, sleep, watch tv and sleep.
  12. I might have to redo all my peka. Don't ask me why. ):
  13. I hate my school because we must score 50 and above for our test. 49 and below are consider fail. wtf wtf wtf
  14. 90% of the students in my school are CHINESE. I feel weird.
  15. The malls in Sabah sux!
  16. My maid and that lady can't cook!
  17. Someone thinks that I look like Kadazan.
  18. There's no leng zai or leng lui in my school.
  19. I had my ugliest moments over here because my eyes infected and I had sunburn not long ago.
  20. I feel so lifeless.
  21. Yes, I feel very lifeless.
  22. I miss KL.
  23. It's been some time since I last cam-whore.
  24. I eat Kit Kat every single day.
  25. I sleep at 10pm and wake up at 5am.
  26. I hate Sabah.
  27. I wanna go back to KL.
  28. I miss all my darlyns and kawans and everyone in KL.
  29. I'm speechless and sleepy.
  30. Bye.


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

go meet some new ppl! There are nice sabah people!

Gosh. i only know english and malay. i am sure dead if i was you =S

Desmond said...

I hardly leave comments on the blogs i read but i would just like to say hang in there. Take it in as an experience. Treat "that lady" with the benefit of the doubt that she might be hostile because she thinks you might be disrupting their relationship. Don't give up...don't show hostility even if she does...maybe it will change her mind about you. If she doesn't...well it's her lost...eventually you'll move out of there. Sabah may not be a great place to live but it does have tons of great outdoor activities. Don't give up (*^__^*)

ivn said...

gurl, ur at Sabah!? why? how!? when!!? gosh i can imagine how tough it's gonna be for a KL-ian to fit into Sabah life... take k ya?

EVo said...

Aww.... my 1-30 points will all be 'i miss karenananana too' !!

Well. at least u have internet :P

Lynn said...

=( But you'll be back to KL during holidays?

How old is your so-called sis?

taileong said...

arh, you're in sabah? stay strong :)

Anonymous said...

good luck and haff fun :) said...

awww, i do miss you too! dont worry kay, once u done with your highschool, faster come back KL and reunite again and camho! all of us miss you here too... cheerup :)

Jeffro said...

what the.. 1 to 30, and there was no I-miss-you-Jeffro?

What is this??

lol.. jz kidding.. Weih, dun so depress la.. Chill la.. =)

justin_5 said... justin..still remember me? now at sabah a? my hometown.. 1 thing you fogot about sabah la..the food ther taste sux and expensive.. but what to do.. feel bad for you... btw.. sabah which part a u? and why you go ther a?

Karena said...

yeah, the ppl here quite nice. haha if u speak english in my school, they will think that u'r showing off and bla bla bla. wtf right? lol

hey, thanks for the comment and advices! honestly, its damn difficult la. we stay under one roof but.... sigh! nvm.
well, i'll NEVER give up and will NEVER show her the weak side of me. haha. (:

ivan wong! haha u damn outdated la! lol. btw, i'll move back to KL after SPM. I dun k ah, we must gai gai and makan when im back k? (:

euvengvengveng! u mou leong sam 1 la! tak reply sms aku! ish ish ish. btw, i can only on9 for 2 hours a day. damn sad kan? ):

ya hun, i might be coming back during holiday for a few days i guess. hmmm btw her daughter is 9 years younger than me. lol

Karena said...

[taileong & anonymous]
thanks! (:

awwww laima! *huggies*
i cant wait for december! :D

wah if like that my list damn long weh! 100 also tak cukup! LOL

hey of coz la remember u! we met at nuffnang sharing session at the gardens kan? (:
btw, the seafood here is nice and cheap! but others ah. hahahah.
im in KK anyway. (:

reddishTea said...

miss you alot over here... outing was kinda quiet without u.. faster come backk =(

and.. cheer up okay!

aphra_fashamxi said...

there's nothing wrong if you have lotsa very close relative if you live anywhere...

i love kl for the environment and the shopping heaven,,

i also love sabah cause lots of my relatives are there, and they are so damn cool...

Gideon Yoong said...

SFP... been a while since i blog hop but since ur a Sabahan i go urs first. =)
Ke lian lar u... life without camwhoring no meaning de.
Cant wait for u to be back, back fo real!

Charlie said...

wah its been a long time since we last meet or talk eh. Why you make it sound like hell only. Trying look on the positive side. I am sure there are some good things worth talking about rather than all the negatives stuff.


Ruionkoh said...

aiks aiks ini bila mia cerite?hey hey take care over there yo!dun fall for Dusun or Iban or so lol. take care

Karena said...

awww sese! i miss u too!

darlyn, i have no close relative or any1 over here. tats y. ):

SFL! i miss calling u sei fei lou! :D

hey charlie, hmm. i dunno la. memang tak biasa weh.

parui! wooots! how r u? lama tak borak with u edi!
oh n dun worried, i'll nvr fall for iban or dusun or wtvr. lol