Thursday, March 5, 2009

so yeah,
I went to Singapore last December with SandraNanny, GideonSFL, Andy, BengHanAhBeng and AndrewWongFeiHung.

already blogged about the 1st day, and now I'm going to blog about the 2nd day! (:

woke up early in the morning and headed to Sentosa.

SandraNanny has a friend who works as a dolphin trainer and we managed to watched the pink dolphin show for FREE and and and took photo with them for FREE, too! (:

normally the entry fee costs around SGD20+ and the photo session costs SGD10 I think.

the pink dolphin

Karena Cheow Wei Wei's 38 pose.

I was so cold and covered myself with my shawl.

after the chik chik chak chak session,
we walked around Sentosa and had moreeeeee chik chik chak chak session! :P

BengHanAhBeng's coconut cake

oh, Karena the karipop bumped into Karree in a chocolate shop. (:

that's all for today larh okay?
need to berkawan with Biology! ):


vincent2903 said...

walao!!! got pink dolphin wan!!!

i want to ride on it lol!!!

vialentino said...

wei ...u look like a seal in ur black shawl dolphin? really in pink color unique one...

Karena said...

har ride on it? can bo? LOL

omg seal? that's not a compliment. oh gosh. lol.
yawoh. the dolphin pink in colour 1. (:

Jeffro said...

lol.. last december.. now only post ka? *giggles*

corneliusllw said...

^^ nice photos... Really happy huh~