Monday, March 16, 2009

you see,
everything is soooo messy when my maid is not around.
I couldn't find my socks this morning and I almost late to school.

last December,
Sandra invited the usual gang to her church's Christmas dinner.


WaiSengMickey, JosephKiwi, BryanSpider and GideonSFL

as usual,
we had chik chik chak chak session.

I always type the same thing!
damn cannot make it man!




and they had karaoke session! (:

let me present you our AndrewWongFeiHung!

and he won!
damn proud of him can? :D

the dinner ended around 9 something and everyone left.
we stayed back to clean up the table.
no larh,
we had moreeeeeeee singing and dancing sessions after that! :D

they sang the Tell Laura I Love Her song.
damn ging dim man!

this is Mr Simon So who went M.I.A for a bit.

weee! this is my laima, SandraNanny! (:

and I realize that I don't have any photo with AhKaKGrace'! gosh! but nevermind la, AdikKarena still loves you as usual! haha! (:

everyone is having holiday but I HAVE SCHOOL!
): ): ):


sarcmim said...

tsk tsk tsk why do u even need maid?

Karena said...

im so lazy and busy! lol
okay fine cut the busy okay? im lazy to clean up everything so yeah. =/