Monday, April 13, 2009

okay, let's continue my previous post! (:

Karena Cheow Wei Wei is damn lazy to think of something to write,
so let the photos do the talking okay? (:

my kawanterterterterterbaik, JulienMissJuuu

with MayLavigne.
spm yo!

the Js and the Ks
Karena, Jamie Liew, Jamie Chin and Kate

with JosephKiwi

with NigelSiaLingWei

with AhTock, the Shanghai JasonMraz.

with Jamie and Zues

with JulienMissJuu and SandraNanny

with KatePerry, JamieOhSoFair and HikaruMraz

with Simon, the retired HipHop singer?

StanleyOhSoTall is Oh-So-Tall!
195cm weh!

JeremyTeo, the toilet guy.

with ZForZach

with JeffDaddyLooksSoYoung

with NicholasChayChay

with SammieGorgeous and IsabelleCantik

omg I love Sammie's dress!

with IssacLongTimeNoSee

with KeLLi the pinko woman!

with KYLooksLikeAhNiu

this pic damn cannot make it man!
who's the photographer? >.<

with AaronTheCincauHangus

with the MrazTakMacamMraz

with AudreyHamasaki

this is Zoe, my neighbour! (:

with YapThomasDamnSkinny

thomas, eat moreee!

with TanYeeCowPanjangTangan

with YatzTheOneAndOnly and AndrewWongFeiHung

Jamie's hair damn nice!

with AnnMarieTheMommy

with AlexTheKeen


candid candid

I love her! (:

last pic of the day! :P

add maths oh add maths!


beautifulsmile said...

u have beautiful smile?
what is wrong with your mouth? said...

nice pics! =)

Karena said...

hey there! i just removed my braces not long ago and i kinda tak biasa my teeth without the braces. ya. =/

thanks! (:

HitoMi^^ said...

Woo...tarak picture saya... sobZ~~

Andrew said...

haha.. lOL =D wong fei hung pulak... when u coming back again?

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

didnt do any singing? lol

yapthomas said...

me is skinny.. yay!