Saturday, April 11, 2009

my exam is around the corner!
don't give up on me just like that okay? ):

last week,
I went back to KL for 44 hours.
yeah, 44 hours only.
damn sad kan?
and the return ticket cost me 1.4k! ):

I went back on Friday night and I went ching ming with my family on Sunday.
how bout Saturday?
Sushi Zanmai, shopping, yum cha and Nuffnang Music Bash!
everything was soooo last minute though. (:


I can't online for long and I've truckloads of photos to upload so I'll separate it to a few posts okay?
Allah, aku lama tak cam-whore ni.
pity me okay? (:

my humanssss! (:

SandraNanny, ChangLihRen and JulienMissJuuu.

yours truly! :P

gambar syok sendiri with SandraNanny:

gambar syok sendiri with JamieOhSoFair:

wooots! I love this!

that's all for today!
moreeeeee to come! :D


corneliusllw said...

an one way ticket cost you 1.4k, then u mean u r from...?

ruth tan said...

all da best in ur exam !!
why does it cost so much to go back to kl fr sabah !! that is insane !!

Karena said...

omg i dunno how to pronounce your name! lol.
btw not one way ticket la. return ticket means two way. yaa. im now in sabah anyway. but i dunno why the tix cost me so much! >.<
maybe i booked it last minute? =/

[ruth tan]
hey dear! thanks! i will study hard this time! :D
haha i booked the tix like 2 days b4 i balik? lol. tats y. =/