Friday, July 31, 2009

short update:

  1. I just finished my 1st SPM trial and I'm sick.
  2. A student from my school is infected by H1N1 and our school is NOT closing.
  3. We need to wear mask to school starting from next Monday.
  4. Happy Birthday to Mei Yean!
  5. I'm still alive.
  6. My father and stepmom in Sabah separated few months ago and we moved out from the house and now I'm staying with my uncle and aunt.
  7. I think I'm quite independent. I guess.
  8. I spent 60% of my time in school. 10% time watching tv and 30% of my time tidur.
  9. Jon and Kate is going to divorce! how can?! they were so sweet together and 8 of their kids are soooo adorable!
  10. There's some problem between mom and stepdad in KL.
  11. I need to be independent!
  12. Why is everyone divorcing? where is the love? ):
  13. I'm going back to KL on 13th of December! WEEEE!

signing out with loves.


Lynn said...

yay an update!
spreading love to the world :D

Jay said...

coming back just for awhile?

EVo said...

ur # 7 and # 11 so contradictory la!ahahah. much drama in ur life leh. how how. when come back must call ok...kite camho 99 lagi. huhuhu.

Ren said...

still got love from me ma :P
din know u've been through that much too...
hope you alright over there.
concentrate on your study 1st, wait you back we go eat seafood!
miss you :)

taileong said...

yalor, why is everyone divorcing? T_T

myt said...

babeee! thank you for wishing =D .. where's love?love is when mei yean and karena do all the stupid stuff in the mall together .lol .

Farah said...

hey gorgeous hope u doing alright.. if life give u reason to cry then fight for ur happiness.. and u deserve it ;)

independent. strong thats awesome ;)

ruth tan said...

hang in there lil one *hugs*

ruth tan said...

hang in there lil one *hugs*