Friday, October 23, 2009

I know I'm not supposed to be blogging nor youtube-ing but ahhhh!
today is the last day okay? :D

do you miss me? you better do because I miss all of you! (:

Idontknowwhattotype. Idontknowwhattotype. Idontknowwhattotype.

for you guys who has been wondering what I'm doing lately,

I'm being a good student because I attend school every single day!

and I revise even though my place black out almost every single night?!
wtf. -.-

I'm being a good daughter because I attend event with my father.
he's not in the pic, obviously.

I'm being a good friend because I took picture with my friends beside the beach?

and I'm being a good tourist because I visited a few beaches in Sabah?
Cuti-Cuti Malaysia?

I forgot where's the place anyway. =/

Ahhh I don't know what to type already. serious shit.
oh my daiyima just came. -.-

that's me! when I was 4 I guess. :D
and that's my stepdad and mommy! (:

you see!
I don't know what to type already and I'm uploading pictures over here randomly. lol

oh, that's my classmates! yes we eat in the class because we're cool like that! :D
and I'm so going to miss my baju kurung

and my mentos bag! damn colourful lo okay?
my bag got 8 colours 1 lo okay? yours lehhhh? :P

oh, and 26 more days to SPM?

okay I damn emo already ahahahhaha!
better off to study (:

ya right

bye darlyns bye sayangs!
hugs (:


Joshua said...

dai yi ma also come out! lolz! Geng!

Karena said...

well i was really speechless la tats y. btw HI MR TINGGI! :D

X.Y.L.O said...

long time since u update ehh?? bet u might have 4gotten who i am lol neways, ur in sabah or kl???? lol n yeahh...i read dan brown lol u do to?? haha

taileong said...

it's been awhile! :)

vialentino said...

wow...good to see u blog back for a short moment...good luck in ur SPM!

Karena said...

of coz i remember you! thats y i dropped by your blog. (: btw, what's XYLO? o.O
oh im in sabah. going back to kl after spm and i dun read dan brown. not my type. i prefer chick lit. :P

yeaa! my next post will be on december i guess? hahaha. take k (:

thanks! (:

Alice Teh said...

Karena mui, so happy to see you posting and so many pictures! I also sedang ber-"taiyima" and back very "suen"...

Good luck for your SPM! OMG, time flies! After this, you merdeka edi! :D

X.Y.L.O said...

lol...xylo's just a gaming name ages ago...dun play games nemore but still stuck to it n it doesnt reli have a meaning. xylo was i guess dats why lahh lol all this while i thought u were still at kl till i kinda read ur other post n figured out haha sabah's a nice place tho...i loved kk when i was there!! =D dan brown books are interesting ehh...very kan-cheong!! hahahaha ohh...i think i had ur msn sometime before but i think it went missing or something lol

Karena said...

[alice teh]
KAK ALICE! hahaha my back also very suen! and i cant stop drinking cold water! >.< and thanks! i will study hard and smart for spm! HUGS! (:

how can u love kk? damn sien over here weh. =/ without all my frens here i can die edi. like seriously. =/ but the seafood and beach damn nice la! :D
i noe dan brown's books very kancheong but not my type of book. =/ whats ur msn agn? (:

X.Y.L.O said...

k.k. is nice lahhh...the beaches are awesome!!!! i love mamutik island ahh n i wanna go kudat!! haven been there!! yalahh...true also...if no frens can be kinda boring...but the people there damn friendly lehh!! when i was there, i even got a free pass to go diving!! wheee~~ =)ohhh!! there's this tattoo shop at tanjung aru u gotta check out!! haha damn nice people there. i walked there from town u knw!! hahaha n do try frop by kch ahh!! food here soo much nicer!! tsk2!!! LOL!!

girls normal chick flicks hahaha my msn's lol n dun call me xylo awkward haha aaron would do!! =D

wen pink said...

study study!! dont slack hor!! and good luck with ur spm :) u can do it! btw nice post here! i like the way u blog about it..

wen pink said...

study study!! dont slack hor!! and good luck with ur spm :) u can do it! btw nice post here! i like the way u blog about it..

Siu KeOnG said...

all the best lo
no need emo 1

Farah said...

sabah beach look pretty awesome to me. and hey hang in there with your study hope all went well for you karena :)

§pinzer said...

Haaaaaapppyyy birthdaaaaaaay!! Last day of everything before I'm supposed to do everything u listed :p

Anonymous said...

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